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Winter Woes to Winter Wows - My Top 5 Products For The Coldest Months of the Year
Winter Woes to Winter Wows - My Top 5 Products For The Coldest Months of the Year

Winter Woes to Winter Wows - My Top 5 Products For The Coldest Months of the Year

Hey Girl,

Happy Winter! (...I Guess) 

It’s that time of year again.

Wind blowing, teeth chattering, lips chapping...

The time of year when every girl’s best friend is pawpaw ointment and heated blankets. When sweatpants are on and razor's long gone, and you just don't look at your toenails because wow, that's an entire situation.

Trust me I know.

Winter woes get us all.

    Now don’t get me wrong, there are great things about winter! Winter fashion? Love. Spiced tea lattes? Extra love. But if you think you can make it through a Southern Aussie winter without mixing up your beauty routine, you’re crazy! It’s actually SO important, not to amp up our routine, but rather adjust it! Using the right products can help you combat the effects of winter weather, and make the most of the season!

So here is a quick rundown of my personal Pump winter favourites, to help you keep your hair (& heart) happy, through the coldest months of the year!


  1. Pump Repair Mask

    The cold winter wind can often leave our hair dried out and a mess! Never mind the damage our hair cuticles may have experienced from the harsh summer sun, or our beachy balayage from warmer days gone by! Take this winter season as a chance to nourish your hair rather than exacerbate the summer’s impact. This nourishing mask is formulated with organic Crambe Abyssinica seed oil known for its  hydrating and anti-breakage properties, as well as argan oil, mandarin oil and keratin to strengthen and smooth your hair.


2. Pump Moisture Hydrate Spray

    For in-between mask treatments, this spray is a dream. It’s beautiful, and one of my favourite products I have ever made. I use it every day in the winter to keep my hair hydrated, and smelling sweet. Best part: it’s great for every hair type! (If you haven’t noticed, pretty much everything on this list will be fighting dry hair, dry skin, dry everything. My winter routine is alternately called Hydration Station. Is what it is.)


3. Pump Body Bath

    Look, sometimes the only answer to an unshakeable winter chill is a warm bath. Pump Body Bath helps relieve tired muscles with magnesium and helps calm your skin with vitamin E and organic chamomile oil. It is perfect for rest and relax. Most importantly, it contains all natural ingredients, which is very important, when you’re soaking up everything through your skin.


4. Pump Body Hydrate

    In partnership with Body Bath, Body Hydrate is a must. If you’re not using 3x the amount of lotion in winter as you are in summer this is a PSA, and you’re welcome. Hydrating your skin in this season is the key to silky legs when those beach days make a comeback! Made with papaya which is known for its rejuvenating and regenerating properties, and the added bonus of an undeniably summer scent, to keep summer alive a little longer.


5. Pump Face Glow Serum + Pump Face Glow Radiance Cream

    Long winter days can be hard to face head on (like literally, the wind nearly blows me over sometimes). It’s so important to give your face some extra TLC, when it’s being attacked by the cold air every morning, so these are my favourite products from our Face Glow Line! This serum is heaven kissing your face, and is full of ingredients that promote collagen, and fight aging lines and bacteria build up. Follow this up with our Face Glow Radiance Cream, which is packed with natural botanical extracts to hydrate, revive, and brighten your skin. 

And there you have it friends! Here are my favourite products to keep me happy,  head to toe, all winter long! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

xx Tash

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