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Pump Growth Essentials Pack

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Everything you need for healthy hair growth is all here girls! 

Pump Growth range contains BioGro which is packed with nutrients, Biotin and Co Enzyme 10. Derma Hair Growth Roller™ used in conjunction with the BioGro serum for noticeably thinning hair. 


Loaded with everything you need! Love Tash 

Pump Growth Shampoo 

Pump Growth Conditioner 

Pump Growth Mask 

Pump Shampoo Brush 

Pump Liquid Gold Growth Oil 

Pump BioGro Serum 

Pump Derma Hair Growth Roller™

Pump Lash and Growth Serum 

Shampoo and Condition with your normal frequency that makes your hair feel and look nice based on its unique characteristics e.g. oily needs more washing. It's not a case of 'more is better' for benefits.
To use the Liquid Gold Growth Oil apply at least 20 minutes prior to washing out with shampoo. It can also be applied and left on overnight for more intensive treatment. Once a week is great. But it's fine more often if you like.
Use the Hair Growth Derma Roller and BioGro Serum together once per week. First apply the Serum to a clean scalp, preferably with damp hair to avoid getting hair caught in the wheel of the Roller Part the hair in sections and begin rolling in vertical, diagonal and horizontal motions covering each area evenly. This should take about 5 minutes. The area may have some redness following the treatment.
With the Lash Serum, apply daily from base to tip of lashes or brows. Apply at least 45 minutes prior to applying mascara. Great to apply before bed after washing face.