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Pump Overnight Curl Kit

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Take "I woke up like this," to a new level! Pump Overnight Curl Kit contains one Pump All Night Hold Set In Spray and 12 rollers that are so soft you can sleep in. They are made with a soft sponge centre and a velcro grip on the outside so your hair easily attaches to them without falling out! 

The idea behind the Rollers is that you put them in before bed, go to sleep, and wake up to a head full of bouncy, voluminous hair. These rollers are specifically designed to allow you to sleep in them. 

    1. Section your hair into three parts. Centre your parting and glide the comb down either side to create three sections. You should have two equal side sections and then one section through the centre
    2. Start to roll your curls using the middle section. Take a section that is about 2cm in width and attach the roller to your hair around 2-3cm from the ends of your hair ( leave ends out of the roller to avoid them getting stuck if your ends are dry). 
    3. Continue this for the whole middle section, starting at the front eventually ending at the back.
    4. Once the middle section is full of rollers, repeat down both sides and also around the back. 
    5. Spray Pump All Night hold over your hair once the rollers are in.
    6. Go to sleep or leave in for a few hours.
    7. Wake up with Big bouncy hair.