Shampoo & Conditioner

How often do I need to use the Growth Shampoo and Conditioner?

Shampoo and condition with your normal frequency that makes your hair feel and look nice based on its unique characteristics -- e.g. oily needs more washing. It's not a case of 'more is better' for growth benefits but you can use it as often as you like. Be aware that our shampoo contains no DEA or other harsh lathering agents so be sure to follow the instructions included with your order to help your scalp adjust to a gentler shampoo if your previous one was not. For best results you should only use the growth shampoo and not mix it with another shampoo (unless it is also sulphate free and free from cocamide DEA/MEA) as the high lather in another shampoo will effect your growth results.

My hair is normally oily and I don’t see a lot of lather with the product, what should I do?

Don’t worry! Our shampoo range does not contain harsh detergents, lathering agents or parabens, so you will not see the same amount of lather as you do with a basic shampoo. If you are prone to oily hair you will need some time for your scalp to adjust to our organic product. You can help get your scalp’s PH balance to normal by making a mix of bicarb soda and water into a paste and rubbing this onto your scalp before using the shampoo. To create a little more lather you can add a small amount of water to the product before putting it in your hair.

How long does it take to see a faster rate of growth and less hairfall?

On average 2-3 months! Most customers report seeing faster growth and less hairfall in 2-3 months. Various factors such as medication, health issues, and a bad diet can make the hair growth process slower. Individual results may vary.

My hair is feeling really dry what should I do?

Leave on an our hair mask overnight! Sometimes the ends of your hair can feel really dry due to sun, colouring your hair, chlorine or over heating your hair. Our Repair Mask can be left on over night to help with putting moisture back in your hair. The Moisture Shampoo and Repair Conditioner will help this as well. You can also add a small amount of conditioner to the ends of your hair (leave it on for 10 minutes) before washing it and this will add extra moisture into your hair. Using the 300 Degree Heat Protection Spray can also prevent dry hair caused by heat styling. 

My hair is falling out. Will the Growth range help?

First it is important to find out what is causing the hair loss. The most common thing is low iron and you should take a blood test to rule this out- even if it's slightly low, severe hair loss can occur. If you are cleared for all medical issues then the natural DHT blockers can help with reducing the amount of hair fallout. Customers report thickness in the root area. Please note individual results may vary.

My scalp tingles when I use the Growth Shampoo, is this normal?

Yes! This is the natural cooling menthol you feel on your scalp and is completely normal. If you have recently scratched your scalp it may tingle or sting in that area, so it’s best to avoid getting it onto scratched area.

Can I use the Growth Shampoo on hair extensions?

Yes! It is completely safe to use all our shampoo on tape, keratin bond, weave, tip, or slip in extensions. The Pump Hair Extensions shampoo and conditioner will work best for your extensions because it contains a higher level of keratin and will make the extensions last longer.

Can I use your products if I have had a keratin treatment done by my hairdresser?

Yes! All our products are sulphate free and suitable for anyone who has had a keratin treatment. Please avoid any products that contain sulphate, as this will affect your keratin treatment and undo treatments results.

I have blonde hair, but I want to use the growth shampoo what should I do?

If you have blonde hair and you find your hair goes yellow you can mix and match between using the growth shampoo and the blonde shampoo or growth shampoo and our blonde toning conditioner to get rid of any brassiness in your hair. If you are happy with the tone of your blonde you can go ahead and only use the Growth shampoo and Growth conditioner.

What ingredients are not found in your products?

See each product page on the website for ingredients. Australian made Pump Haircare products contain NO sulphates, parabens or cocamide diethanolamine ("Cocamide DEA"). Cocamide DEA is a chemical that is often used as a foaming agent in shampoos. Studies have shown a link between cancer and the use of this chemical. In June 2012, California listed the chemical under Proposition 65 as a known carcinogen based on an assessment by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which classed cocamide DEA as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” Laws were passed in California to prevent its use in shampoos.

Alarmingly, many shampoos in Australia still contain this chemical. We encourage you to do your own research on this issue and to check your shampoo (and that used on your children) to ensure they do not contain Cocamide DEA nor any ingredient with the following name (as they are actually the same chemical):

Cocamide DEA 
Cocamide MEA 
DEA-cetyl phosphate 
DEA oleth-3 phosphate 
Lauramide DEA 
Linoleamide MEA 
Myristamide DEA 
Oleamide DEA 
Stearamide MEA 
TEA-lauryl sulfate 

For some information on this topic you may want to refer to the following articles / links or perform a Google search on "Cocamide DEA":

DEA Background Information

Center for Environmental Health DEA Press Release

Treatments, Oils and Hair Masks

How do I use the Repair/Growth Mask?

After you have washed your hair, with a sulphate free cocamide DEA/MEA free shampoo, try to remove as much moisture out of your hair – You may wish to towel dry your hair. If you are using the Repair mask you should apply this from your mid length of hair to the ends. Leave the mask on for a minimum of 10 minutes. If you are using the Growth mask apply the mask from the roots to ends, as you want the growth enhancing ingredients to be on your scalp. Apply the mask for a minimum of 10 minutes. Both of these masks can be left on over night. For those with extremely dry / damaged hair apply the mask to dry hair leave for 30mins then shampoo and condition as normal.

How do I use the Liquid Gold Growth oil?

Twist the cap off and pour the oil out onto your hand (please do this over a sink or shower) massage the oil onto your scalp and apply from roots to ends. Leave in your hair for a minimum of 10 minutes and rinse out. Follow with your shampoo and conditioner as normal. If your scalp feels too oily create a paste of bicarb soda and water and massage into your scalp before the rinse and shampoo process.

Lash Growth Serum

Can I use the Lash Growth Serum if I have eyelash extensions?

We do not recommend using the Lash growth Serum if you have eyelash extensions, as this formula is oil based and will result in the eyelash extensions falling out. We suggest waiting until you remove your eyelash extensions before using this product.

I have had a lash lift can I still use the Lash Growth serum?

We recommend contacting the person who did the lash lift and mentioning this to them as every treatment is different and the ingredients may effect it.

How long does it take to see Lash Growth results?

Most people see report seeing results in 3-4 weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle.

Pump Hot Lips Plumper

Is it normal my lips feel a hot burn when I use this?

Yes, it’s working! The Hot Lip Plumper has chilli oil in it’s ingredients list, if you are sensitive to chilli oil you will feel more heat then average, this feeling tends to last on average of 15 minutes.

How long will my lips stay bigger?

On average 30-60 minutes, then a reapplication is needed.

Returns and refunds

What happens if I use the products and I don’t like them?

Due to our health and hygiene regulations we cannot except or refund used products. If you do not like them or change your mind we apologise. Please make your decision carefully and read our return policy here


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