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Pump Curly Girl Trio


Have you tried the curly girl method? It is designed for girls with curly hair that want to bring life back to their curls! Curly hair is prone to damage more than straight hair and needs to be treated differently. 

The curly girl method is using less shampoo, so no more than once a week, no silicones, no alcohols, no defuses when drying your hair. 

Co washing - Meaning using conditioner instead of shampoo in between washing.

The method can be used on kinky, coily and wavy curls to work with the natural structure of your curls not against them.  

Save $$$ and get the trio 

Pump Curly Girl Trio Contents

1 x  Pump Curly Girl Shampoo 

1 x Pump Curly Girl Conditioner 

1 x Pump Spring Back