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Tash's Story


When I was 19 years old after months and months of pain, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. The relief of knowing what was wrong with me was short lived after realising that the hair loss I was experiencing was a direct symptom of the disease. My hair was half the thickness it was before. Being a hairdresser, this was a struggle. I needed to style my hair everyday and with such thin hair that was hard to do. I tried so many different hair products that claimed more hair growth, thicker hair, more volume and nothing worked.I changed my diet and was eating so healthy but I knew I was still putting so many chemicals on my scalp and this had to change! 

That was it. I was on a mission and I had to make it happen. I spent endless nights after putting my son to bed researching ingredients, products and formulators but nothing existed that met my needs. And I knew it wasn't just me that wanted a product range like this. It was my clients and others too and I wanted to help. 


After all this research I spent a year working with formulators to create an Australian made, plant and botanical based, organic hair care range that actually works without the nasty ingredients. All my lovely hairdressing clients were given products to test. Each month as they came back in, we noticed a massive improvement in their hair and scalp and I knew this was going to be big! My first products launched online were the Pump Growth Shampoo and Pump Growth Conditioner and the feedback was phenomenal! I went from selling a few bottles a day, packing them from my dining table to selling hundreds a day and taking them to the Australia post business centre 3 times a day to now selling over a thousand a day worldwide! I started in my house then moved to a shared office, then a large office space and now we have our own warehouse and office combined. Yes dreams do come true! 

Today Pump Haircare has over 50 unique products with my own proprietary formula for each. The products have been sold to customers in over 100 countries around the world and are stocked in over 300 salons. Each ingredient is carefully researched and I only use those of the highest quality.

Another important factor for me is environmental consciousness. All of our tubes are now made with environmentally friendly sugarcane with zero carbon footprint right here in Australia by a solar powered facility. All of our bottles are made by Australia's first carbon neutral recycled plastics manufacturing facility with our bottles made from post consumer recycled plastic. All our packing products are biodegradable.


Thank you for visiting my site. Your support of my small business is supporting a very big dream! 


Lot's of Love, 

Tash xoxo