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Pump Derma Hair Growth Roller™️

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The Pump Derma Hair Growth Roller™️ is a clinically tested medical device that reverses thinning, restores your hair’s natural growth cycle and promotes fuller, denser hair growth.

This handheld device has 540 small surgical needles 1.5mm in length. The needles are attached to a wheel and (when rolled over the scalp) cause microscopic wounds that activate the skin's natural healing response (hemostasis-inflammation-proliferation-tissue remodeling).

A double blind study conducted by the International Journal of Trichology showed 82% of patients reported a 50% improvement in hair growth.

The views and advice expressed by Pump Haircare are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. This product for cosmetic purposes only. If you have a severe medical condition, see your physician of choice. Individual results may vary. 
ARTG No:  308255 

The Pump Derma Hair Growth Roller™️ tool should be used once a week on your scalp. Before you begin dermarolling, apply your preferred product to your scalp. We recommend our all natural Liquid Gold Growth Oil or the BioGro Naturally thinning Hair Serum  -. Then use your dermaroller to gently massage the oil into your skin using horizontal, diagonal, and vertical motions. You should be finished after 5 mins. It is normal to have some temporary redness on the scalp. Keep the Pump Derma Hair Growth Roller™️ in the plastic case to avoid damage to the premium needles. Sterilise with rubbing alcohol or disinfectant after each use.

Keep out of reach of children. Use only on the scalp and do not use on broken skin or if you have an allergy to metal. Do not share your roller with anyone else. Can be used on men and women. Only apply gentle pressure.