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Pump Mermaid Hair Growth Vitamins Trio

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Why stop at 1? Get 3 and SAVE! This option comes with 3 Pump Mermaid Hair Growth Vitamins. 

This unique botanical formula features a blend of natural, active botanical extracts that help to support hair growth and overall hair health. 

Prompts hair growth, supports a healthy scalp while helping to reduce hair fall and shedding.

Vegan and Gluten Free formula!

How to use

Dosage: 2 Capsules Daily with Food or as recommended by your healthcare practioner. Contains 60 Vegan Capsules

Active Ingredients

80mg Ashwagandha root Extract - equiv. to 1.6g dry root 1.25mg 

D-Biotin 300mg 

Biota Orientalis Extract (dry concentrate of leafy twigs)- equiv to 3.0g Dry Leafy Twig

Zinc equiv. 12.5mg

Shipping Info

All orders are shipped on the same day you place the order, if ordered before 4pm AEST.

Dreaming of Long, Mermaid Hair?

We were too! Two years in the making, Pump has created the best performing formula to grow your hair faster, thicker and slow down hair fall to give you the ultimate Mermaid Hair!
Pump Mermaid Hair Growth Vitamins Trio

Watch and Learn

Two a day will keep the hair fall away! Improve the absorption by taking with food and water.

Hair Growth Vitamins Australia

Pump mermaid hair vitamins for growth are designed specifically for hair growth without any added nasties to keep it simple and effective. Recommended for anyone who wants to give their bodies that extra boost to help promote overall hair health and volume. With just four key ingredients, our vitamins support scalp health and healthy hair growth while keeping it gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free. 

While it is super important to take care of what is on the inside first, we’ve also put together the Ultimate Growth Pack to pamper your hair, keeping your locks looking lush and you feeling vibrant. 

What are the benefits of Zinc for hair, and why is it considered a crucial ingredient in hair vitamins?

Zinc is an essential nutrient in maintaining the health of your hair, making it a vital ingredient in hair vitamins for hair growth. Its role in supporting overall bodily functions is crucial for achieving healthy hair and combating hair loss. This is due to Zinc's ability to synthesize DNA and RNA which helps facilitate the production of new hair follicles, contributing to healthy hair growth. Additionally, it plays a significant role in strengthening hair cuticles by enhancing keratin production.

Zinc also acts as a hormonal regulator and supports nutrient absorption, working in conjunction with other vitamins and minerals to provide comprehensive support to your body and hair’s health. By promoting the growth of new hair follicles, strengthening the hair cuticles, regulating hormones, and supporting nutrient absorption, zinc contributes to the overall health and well-being of your scalp and hair. 

What is the history of each ingredient? 

We take pride in sharing the significance of each ingredient included in hair growth vitamins in Australia and how they support the health of your hair. It's important to us that you understand why these ingredients were chosen and the benefits they provide for your hair's well-being.


Zinc’s significance in healthy hair growth supplements started in the early 1960s when it was found that those with a zinc deficiency also experienced increased thinning hair and hair loss. For this reason, it has been recognised as an essential mineral to support healthy hair growth and so many hair growth vitamins across Australia include it in their supplements.


The significance of D-Biotin, also referred to as vitamin B7, in promoting healthy hair growth was initially discovered by Paul Gyorgy in 1927. Researchers have since confirmed that D-Biotin contains a vital coenzyme that plays a crucial role in supporting hair and scalp health. This coenzyme facilitates the production of amino acids and supports various metabolic processes essential for hair growth. Similar to zinc, deficiencies in vitamin B7 have been associated with increased hair loss, further highlighting its importance in maintaining healthy hair.

Biota Orientalis Extract 

Biota orientalis extract originates from the seeds of the Biota orientalis tree, native to East Asia. For centuries it has been used as both a topical and supplementary ingredient in traditional Chinese herbal medicines. Its beneficial properties are known to nourish the hair cuticles through increasing blood circulation which is vital for healthy hair growth and maintaining scalp health. 

Ashwagandha Root Extract

Ashwagandha root extract comes from the Withania Somnifera plant and assists in stress reduction, hormonal balance and blood circulation. It has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as a herbal remedy to promote healthy hair growth through its rich antioxidant properties. By calming your nervous system and reducing oxidative stress, Ashwagandha supports your body's systems to enhance hair growth. As stress is one of the primary reasons for hair loss we have included it in our hair vitamins for growth to keep your body calm and supported. 

These ingredients find themselves on our Block-List
Mineral/Palm Oil
Vegan. Cruelty Free. Made in Australia. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Made in Australia.
Pump Mermaid Hair Growth Vitamins Trio

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