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Pump Thickening Powder

$29.95 AUD

Dream of instantly thick hair with volume on the roots? Thickening powder is just what you need! Pump up your roots with our Thickening Powder for thicker looking hair that stays styled all day.

How to Use

Pump directly to your roots for volume or spray throughout your hair for overall texturising and volume, style with your fingers. Apply on dry hair.

10ml, 0.34 fl oz

Tash's Tips

I recommend this product for oily prone hair as it will help absorb oils from the scalp so you get a little longer out of your washes!


Silica (Amorphous Fumed, Crystalline Free), Cornstarch, Fragrance, Vitamin C Powder.

Shipping Info

All orders are shipped on the same day you place the order, if ordered before 3pm AEST.

Dream of instantly thick hair with volume on the roots?

Get your hands on this super-fine powder to give roots volume and hold all day.
Pump Thickening Powder

Watch and Learn

Pump up your roots with a few sprays all over and use your hands to evenly distribute and add some volume!

Hair Volume Powder for Thickening Hair

Pump’s hair thickening powder works to enhance your volume and texture throughout the day without weighing it down. If you have oily hair or want an extra volume boost, this is the solution for you. Starting at the roots of dry hair, spray the hair volumising powder evenly throughout your scalp. Whether you are after a tousled style or a voluminous updo, Pump’s hair volumising powder's lightweight and non-greasy formula gives you endless styling possibilities. 

What are the benefits of Pumps Hair Volume Powder? 

The key benefit of Pump’s hair powder for volume is its ability to add instant lift and volume to your hair without weighing it down. It absorbs excess oil and supports your hair structure, leaving you with a refreshed and volumised appearance without needing to wash your hair or do extensive styling.  

Star Ingredients 

Pump’s hair volume powder is the perfect volumising powder as it is a unique blend of ingredients that all work together to thicken and support your hair's structure to add volume and shine to your luscious locks. 

Silica (Amorphous Fumes, Crystalline Free) 

Silica is highly absorbent and works to soak up excess oil and impurities from your roots, adding volume and shine to your hair in between washes.


In this hair volume powder, cornstarch helps to provide instant volume by adding texture and body to the hair, whilst delivering a non-greasy finish.  

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C was chosen for its antioxidant properties and overall hair health support that it provides in this styling powder. It works to balance and promote a healthy scalp environment, leaving your hair shiny and supported. 

How often should I use Pump’s hair volume powder? 

This thickening hair powder is designed to give your hair instant volume in between washes. For daily styling or touch-ups throughout the week, distributing a small amount throughout your hair is optimal. Remember that everyone’s hair and desired results are different so it is best to start small and increase the frequency and amount as needed. 

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Pump Thickening Powder

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