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6 Beauty Habits for Happy, Healthy Hair!
6 Beauty Habits for Happy, Healthy Hair!

6 Beauty Habits for Happy, Healthy Hair!



The sooner you adopt these healthy hair habits, the better.

Do you want to know how to achieve shiny, luscious, bouncy hair?
Look no further! Here are 6 healthy habits to adapt, and see your hair smile back at you!

1. Get Regular Haircuts

Regular haircuts ensure minimal split ends or breakage. What if I want to grow my hair out? And we agree! It's counterproductive to growing out your hair, however if your hair is drying and splitting, it slows down growth. Experts say a trim every eight to twelve weeks will do your luscious locks much good.

Bottom line: Trimming doesn’t help your hair grow, but regular cuts make your mane look healthier by eliminating split ends, tangles, and breakage. You can stimulate hair growth by eating a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of protein, which is mostly what hair is made of!


2. Go Natural as Often as You Can

Your hair needs a rest from everything it endures during the week. 

If possible, let your hair air-dry, avoid heated styling products, and keep it out of a ponytail or tight headband to avoid any unnecessary pulling on the hair shaft. In other words, sometimes you just have to let your hair chill a little!


3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

What has this have to do with hair? Everything! Hair is considered a non-essential tissue, so the body doesn’t send protein to hair follicles first—it focuses on essential organs, like the heart or liver—but if you’re eating enough, the body will be able to distribute protein everywhere it’s needed.


4. Avoid Hot Tools (or At Least Protect Your Hair From Them)

If you insist on blow-drying your hair every day, be smart: Don’t concentrate the highest level on your hair for a long time. If you plan to curl or straighten your hair with a hot wand or iron, use a protective spray beforehand!


5. Wear Hats

Time to treat yourself to a cute hat! The sun oxidizes your hair and dries it out! So while a hat protects your face from the sun, it also protects your scalp from burning and hair from dehydrating.



6. Stop Touching Your Hair All the Time

You want to minimize "traction," so any sort of tugging or pressure on the hair shaft. One of the biggest causes of unnecessary traction is constantly putting your hair into a tight ponytail. Twirling your hair or picking at split ends isn’t good either—to play it safe, do your best to leave your hair alone.



Any tips you believe would help or have worked for you? Comment below!

Love, Tash x

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