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What is Hair Porosity? - Pump Haircare
What is Hair Porosity? - Pump Haircare

What is Hair Porosity?

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    What is a Hair Porosity Equaliser?

    Ever since releasing my new product Pump Hair Porosity Equaliser  questions have been flooding in! And honestly, they’re super valid.

    What does porosity even mean? Why does it matter and does it really affect the way my hair looks? How can I keep track of what my hair needs and what it doesn’t? Protein? Moisture? What if my hair is straight, not curly?

    All of these questions are questions I used to ask myself!

    And until working on my Curly Girl line, and studying hair types more in depth, I didn’t realise how something simple, like supplementing your hair to balance the porosity of your hair, can benefit all hair types!

    Here is what I have learned!

    Let’s get down to the nitty gritty details.

    What is hair porosity?

    Each hair on your head has a follicle and a strand. The hair strands are the part you actually see! Each hair strand has three layers, a medulla, a cortex, and on the outside, the cuticle! The strands are made of a protective protein called keratin! 

    Sometimes, different treatments we use on our hair can affect our hair in different ways. Like after bleaching your hair, the texture can change to dry or frizzy, right?

    This is because different treatments can change the actual state of our hair! The outer layer of our hair, which is made up of the cuticles, gets “damaged”, and those cuticles lift or split apart, leaving holes in the most protective layer of your hair strand. This causes everything to absorb quickly, but also means your hair loses the ability to retain. This is what having “high porosity hair” means.

    To recap:

    The “porosity” of your hair is what determines your hair’s ability to absorb and retain. How porous your hair is, is determined by genetics, and previous treatments, like bleaching, heat, etc. If your hair is highly porous it will absorb, but not retain, things like moisture and hair colouring. 

    Now how do we fix this?

    What does high porosity hair need?

    High porosity hair strands need strength, moisture they can retain, and some extra protein to help the protective keratin layer. 

    This is why I made my new product, the Porosity Equalising Spray! This product is actually designed to target your hair porosity, and equalise it, or fill the gaps so that your hair can retain all the goodies of everything else! It is made of a special blend of protein rich ingredients, and designed to build resilience and promote retention, when you get your hair coloured or apply a moisturising treatment.

    If you have treated your hair in the past, or use heat on your hair regularly, there is a high chance your hair might be high porosity, (pun intended ;).) 

    How do I know what my hair porosity is?

    To find out if this product is for you, do a simple test!

    Take one strand of hair that has fallen out, or from your brush and place in a glass of water! Wait a few minutes…

    If your hair floats at the top of the glass, you have low porosity hair. 

    If it floats in the middle of the glass, you have regular porosity hair (lucky you!)

    And If it sinks to the bottom, you have high porosity hair and this product is for you! 

    I hope this helps all of my high porosity sister’s (highlights) live long and prosper!

    Xoxo Tash


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    What is Hair Porosity?

    Questions have been flooding in! And honestly, they’re super valid.

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