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The Ultimate Beach Holiday Packing List: What You Can’t Forget
The Ultimate Beach Holiday Packing List: What You Can’t Forget

The Ultimate Beach Holiday Packing List: What You Can’t Forget

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    As the sun begins to shine for longer and the countdown begins for your next summer adventure, we have put together the perfect beach holiday packing list of all the things you must bring to have the best time out in the sun this holiday season. Here is our carefully curated packing list for a beach holiday.

    1. Summer Clothing

    When it comes to packing clothes for your beach holiday, it can feel tempting to overpack and bring all your favourite pieces to only end up wearing your swimmers and a sarong the whole time. Here is how to pack light and smart for your summer holiday:



    First things first, swimwear is a must. We recommend bringing two pieces so 
    you always have a dry pair to hop into throughout the day. If you are hoping to 
    surf or do other water sports, be sure to pack either a full piece or a bikini 
    which is more sport-friendly.


    Packing a sarong or light beach dress is perfect for transitioning from the beach to the bar or shopping throughout the day. Bring along a dress you can dress up or down to save space in your suitcase.

    Light Clothing

    Linen and cotton pieces are going to be your best friends on a beach vacation as they are lightweight and are easily dressed up or down. Including some linen tops or pants into your pack list will be the perfect pieces for warmer days and cooler nights.

    Light Jacket

    Although it might be hot during the day, temperatures can still cool off at night so best to bring a windbreaker or light sweater. If you are struggling with space, wearing it on the plane is always a good alternative as aeroplanes can get cold.

    2. Beach Gear

    To prepare for the day at the beach, there are several non-negotiables you should bring along for your beach vacation:

    beach hoilday bag


    Keeping your skin protected with an SPF 50+ sunscreen should be your top priority. Make sure to apply regularly throughout the day and keep an eye out for how much time you and your friends or family are spending in the sun.

    Beach Towel

    Bringing along a beach blanket or beach towel keeps the sand from sticking and gives you space to relax. 

    Beach Umbrella

    If you can fit it into your travel gear, bringing a beach umbrella will do you a world of good for the long days spent by the beach. Alternatively, you may be able to rent one depending on the destination you go to.

    Cooler or Insulated Bag

    Grabbing yourself a compatible insulated bag makes for the perfect addition to a hot day at the beach. It'll keep your drinks and snacks cool and you can also pop your wet swimmers in there at the end of the day to protect the rest of your things from getting wet.

    3. Toiletries

    Here are the non-negotiable toiletry essentials for your beach holiday packing list:


    In addition to sunscreen, packing after-sun care products will help soothe and rehydrate your skin after a long day at the beach. Our favourite is bringing along an aloe vera gel that you can pop into the fridge for an extra cooling experience. 

    Personal Hygiene

    Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and deodorant in travel-friendly sizes should all be a part of your packing list.

    First Aid Kit

    Packing a small first aid kit with essentials such as antiseptic cream, pain relievers and bandaids help safeguard you from any little hiccups along the way.

    Feminine Products

    Even if you are not expecting it, it is always a good idea to pack a few feminine hygiene products just in case.

    4. Hair Care Essentials

    Looking after your hair whilst on your beach holiday can be a difficult task as you are constantly exposing your hair to salt water and sun and may not have all your routine hair care products on hand. Here are some tips and hair care essentials that you can bring along on your beach holiday without crowding your suitcase.



    Hair Oil

    Hair oils are a great addition to your hair care essentials as they come in travel-friendly sizes and deeply nourish your hair, protecting it from saltwater and sun exposure. Our favourite beach-friendly hair oil is argan oil or coconut oil as they form protective barriers around the hair shaft and keep your luscious locks looking hydrated throughout your time at the beach. If you have bleached hair and are concerned about drying your locks out this summer, check out our blog for more tips on how to protect your hair from chlorine or saltwater.

    Leave-In Conditioner

    Using a leave-in conditioner after the beach will help support your hair’s structure and barrier so your hair strands don’t dry out from the saltwater and sun. Grab yourself a travel-friendly container and pop your favourite leave-in conditioner in. Alternatively, bringing along a leave-in moisture spray works well to hydrate and protect your hair in between swims.

    Hat or Scarf

    Making sure to pack a hat or scarf will have your hair and scalp thanking you as it protects your hair from UV exposure and helps prevent your scalp from getting sunburnt. You can also wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf to sleep to reduce friction throughout the night.

    Hair Mask

    After a long day at the beach, your hair can feel quite dry and lacklustre. That 
    is why you should bring along a deeply nourishing hair mask to rejuvenate your hair after a long day in the sun and sea. We recommend a hair repair mask as it contains a blend of jojoba seed oil and shea butter, making it a deeply hydrating and repairing hair mask.

    hair repair mask

    Dry Shampoo

    Bringing along a dry shampoo can help refresh your hair in between washes without having the hassle of washing your hair. It helps to absorb excess oil or sweat so if your hair is feeling greasy or needs a refresher, a dry shampoo is the way to go.

    Wide-tooth Comb

    Bringing along a wide-toothed comb will help you detangle your hair gently without running the risk of breaking or damaging your hair follicles.

    5. Footwear

    Making sure you have plenty of shoe options can also be a struggle. Here are the top shoes you should bring along on your beach holiday.

    Sandals or Thongs

    Making sure you pack sandals or thongs makes for a smooth beach vacation. 
    Choosing a pair of sandals that you can easily slip out of but also wear for an 
    evening out on the town is a great option. Alternatively, if space allows it, you 
    can always bring both!

    Waterproof Shoes

    If you know you will be doing water sports or exploring rocky areas, bringing along a pair of waterproof shoes will make for easy and safe beach exploration.

    Comfortable Walking Shoes

    For the days you are exploring the town or your surroundings, packing a pair of comfortable walking shoes or sneakers is essential.

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