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Brass to Blonde: A Colour Story

A conversion with a curlfriend.

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    Brass to Blonde: A Colour Story  

    Every blonde, whether born or bottle bred, has faced the many challenges that come with beautiful blonde tresses. While we can neither confirm nor deny that blondes have more fun, I think we can all agree that they certainly have more drama: the maintenance, the brittle hair battle, the constantly changing, forever fickle brassy tones that come and go with heat, sun exposure, changing seasons, and even mineral levels in our water supply. According to Women’s Health Magazine, some of the worst struggles blondes face include split ends, greasy-looking roots, heat damage, fragile and brittle strands, and worst of all: brassy tones.

    a blonde woman

    So here’s the good news! First of all, you’re a blonde bombshell! And secondly, I have created vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based, solutions for all of the blonde hair blunders previously mentioned!

    Because let’s get real, even our most favourite golden girls (and their stylist’s) know better than anyone that staying golden forever takes more than just lemon juice and wishful thinking! 

    So here you go: The first secret weapon of every blonde babe’s battle against brassiness...you guessed it!


    purple shampoo

    Now you have probably heard this before, and for those of you who are sold on ultraviolet in your hair wash routine, just keep scrolling. But for the girls thinking “Purple shampoo again? What a joke!” or maybe “Purple shampoo is for bottle blondes, I’m a natural blonde, it can’t help me!”

     LISTEN UP. 

    Here’s how it works:

    Purple sits opposite of orange on the colour wheel. In the magical and confusing science of colour and light, what this means is that adding violet to your hair eliminates any 

    orange undertones, 

    cooling it instantly, and leaving your blonde hair looking icy and bright! These undertones can exist for a variety of reasons, in both bottle and born blondes! Which means no matter how your hair became blonde, purple shampoo is the miracle-working, brass battling, at-home toner for you

    a girl using Pump's purple shampoo

    Now that we’ve settled that! Purple shampoo and conditioner are a must-have. A NO BRAINER! 

    So why not choose a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, that’s packed with moisturising ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and aloe vera, that’s scented with natural fragrances and essential oils, and that’s packaged in a carbon-neutral, eco-friendly bottle?

    You’re right, it’s another no brainer!

    Pump Blonde Pack 

    If you want to go the extra mile for your locks, our Blonde Value Pack contains two more products, both ultraviolet (of course) to combat brassiness, with additional, plant-based ingredients to promote hair health! 

    First up: Going blonde requires peroxide, and peroxide can do some damage to your hair cuticles! It opens them up and breaks them down, which is why you lose elasticity (brittle) and strength (breakage). Having open cuticles creates high porosity hair, meaning your hair loses moisture very quickly!

    My Blonde Hair Mask is a little extra something for our blonde babes looking for a monthly deep condition to combat those effects.  It contains argan oil and shea butter as well as quinoa, sea kale, and vitamin E, which help restore and rebuild bonds broken from the peroxide! 

    Secondly, our Blonde Leave-In Moisture Spray is designed to hydrate your hair and tone your tresses all at once! Our moisture spray contains white tea leaf extract, which is rich in antioxidants to strengthen and promote shine. 

    a girl recommending the best blonde products

    Lastly, let me drop a little PSA:

    While not a part of our Blonde line, there are a few products that could help your hair routine when working with heat, and avoiding split ends


    Mermaid Lengths Anti Breakage + Split End Remedy spray

    Our Mermaid Lengths Anti Breakage + Split End Remedy spray is PERFECT for blonde babes who’s hair is feeling a little brittle or worn out from a recent colour lift. This product is packed with life-giving ingredients, like Kiwi Seed Extract, biotin, and hyaluronic acid to help absorb moisture. Add this to your Blonde Value Pack to give your ends some extra TLC!

    Pump 300 Heat Pro

    Finally, our 300 Heat Pro is the best friend of any blonde who loves the sleek styling options only heat tools can give! Keep your hair silky and safe with our 300 Heat Pro, which contains Grape Seed and Argan oil, and will keep your hair safe up to 300 degrees! 

    There you have it, babes! 

    Live blonde and prosper,

    Tash xx

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