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Is your towel damaging your hair? - Pump Haircare
Is your towel damaging your hair? - Pump Haircare

Is your towel damaging your hair?

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    Is your regular towel damaging your hair? Yes! For years girls have been drying their hair with regular towels not realising the damage they are causing and here’s why. 

    Rubbing the ends of your hair with regular towels can lead to serious split ends. The hair shaft can be exposed to rough friction making it weaker over time. This results in breakage, frizziness and even hair loss!  So why do they even make regular cotton towels you might ask? Well just like many other things on the market, price is the main reason. Regular cotton is sturdy and absorbent meaning the towel will last for years. It also works well on our skin but not doing you any favours for your hair. 

    Now before you completely freak out don’t worry it’s not too late to make changes. I did a lot of research to find the best towel for your hair and here is how I came up with the Pump Bamboo Towel

    bamboo trees

    Why did I choose bamboo? 

    Bamboo towels, as the name says, are towels made out of bamboo fibres, making them eco-friendly. Bamboo yarn is gentler than cotton. I would even compare the feel to cashmere. It absorbs and dries rapidly so it is less prone to mould and bacteria.

    The amazing anti-microbial properties of bamboo make it a natural, hygienic choice.  The characteristics of the bamboo plant enable it to grow very rapidly with less water, so manufacturing the towels is naturally sustainable.

    A girl wearing bamboo hair towel

    What do Pump's bamboo towels do for my hair? 

  • Dries your hair up to 40% faster. Less heat on your hair means healthier hair. 
  • Natural anti-static properties result in less frizz. 
  • Gentler on your hair. Hair is most susceptible to damage when it’s wet.
  • Leaves your hair feeling softer and easier to manage.
  • Won’t tangle your hair, unlike rough cotton towels. 
  • Keeps your natural curl shape. The perfect towel for plopping curls.                           
  • a girl with curly smooth hair

    So throw out your hair damaging towels (well maybe keep them for your body ) and only dry your hair with the best. Checkout Pump Bamboo Towel.

    What is your experience with hair towels? Comment below 

    Hairstylist- A wonderful person who touches more hearts than hair.

    Love Tash xox 

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