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Pre Shampoo Treatment 101: What is it, How to Use it & Best Pre Shampoo Products
Pre Shampoo Treatment 101: What is it, How to Use it & Best Pre Shampoo Products

Pre Shampoo Treatment 101: What is it, How to Use it & Best Pre Shampoo Products

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    There has been a lot of focus on what to do for your hair after you wash it but did you know that there is a wide range of pre shampoo treatments that you can do to protect your hair follicles, provide moisture and support your hair growth? In this blog, we delve into all the tips and tricks we’ve got to guide you through incorporating a pre shampoo treatment into your hair care routine to meet your unique hair goals and needs.

    What is a Pre Shampoo Treatment?

    A pre-shampoo treatment is the step you take before shampooing your hair to prepare it to apply shampoo. There are a wide range of benefits to pre-shampooing, such as protecting, nourishing and strengthening your hair follicles before cleansing them. How you treat your hair before shampooing it can widely depend on your hair type and unique hair goals.

    Benefits of Using Pre Shampoo Treatment

    There are a wide range of benefits to using a pre-shampoo treatment on your hair. For example, preparing your hair and supporting it with moisture before shampooing can prevent your hair follicles from excessively drying out. This is because different pre-shampooing treatments help to form a protective barrier around the hair shafts through their thickening agents. Other benefits include detangling and softening the hair follicles, which makes your hair take to the shampoo better; making your hair easier to manage, and reducing unnecessary friction and breakage.

    The Best Pre Shampoo Treatment Recommended by our Haircare Expert

    Depending on your hair type and unique hair goals, you will benefit from different pre-shampooing treatments. Here are all the best-recommended treatments for your specific hair type or hair needs:

    Best Pre Shampoo Treatment for Dry Hair

    To treat dry hair, it is best to incorporate hair oils into your pre shampoo treatment. Opting for hair oils such as coconut oil, argan oil or olive oil are great products as they are deeply nourishing and can penetrate the hair shaft to provide hydration and moisture to the hair strands.

    Best Pre Shampoo Treatment for Curly Hair

    As curly hair is often quite dry and craves definition, using a pre-shampoo treatment with thick and creamy consistencies goes a long way. For example, using a hair mask or a hair cream with shea butter or aloe vera helps to provide deep hydration to the hair follicles and prevent your curls from drying out when you use shampoo. They also help reduce frizz and preserve your natural curl pattern as they stay hydrated throughout your washing routine. With Pump’s curl and grow mask, it works as a co-washing method as well so you can skip shampooing your hair all together.

    curl and grow mask

    Best Pre Shampoo Treatment for Oily Hair

    If you have oily hair, it is best your pre shampoo treatment focuses on addressing your scalp as that is where the oil production begins. Choosing lightweight formulas with ingredients that help to clarify the scalp and remove excess oil, such as tea tree oil or rosemary water, is a great place to start. We recommend then washing your hair using the scalp therapy trio and using the shampoo brush to remove any oils, finishing it off with a scalp tonic to support your scalp health.

    scalp tonic

    Best Pre Shampoo Treatment for Thinning Hair

    If you have thin hair, it is best to incorporate products that strengthen your hair strands such as treatments containing biotin, keratin or proteins that support your hair follicles by fortifying them and enhancing your hair’s overall health. As thinning hair is quite fragile, be gentle with your approach and make sure to choose treatments that are sulphate-free or designed specifically for thinning hair.

    Best Pre Shampoo Treatment for Fine Hair

    For fine hair, you want to incorporate treatments that add volume without weighing it down. Look for formulas that contain volumising proteins such as a thickening spray that includes hydrolysed rice proteins and quinoa. These ingredients expand the hair strands without weighing them down and are the perfect pre-shampoo treatment to protect the hair shaft and give your hair volume.

    How to Use Pre Shampoo Treatment

    Once you have chosen the best pre shampoo treatment for your hair and your overall hair goal- whether you are seeking to address hydration, repair, reduce oiliness or add volume- proceed with the following steps: 

    Apply the selected treatment generously throughout your hair; it can be either dry or damp, concentrating on the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. However, if you have oily hair, focus only on your scalp. Once your hair is fully coated, leave the treatment on for 15-30 minutes before shampooing and conditioning as usual.

    The frequency by which you do pre-shampoo treatments will depend on your hair type and specific needs. It is always best when you are introducing a new treatment into your hair care routine to start less frequently and increase it as needed.

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