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24 Trendy Summer Hair Colour Ideas to Try in 2024
24 Trendy Summer Hair Colour Ideas to Try in 2024

24 Trendy Summer Hair Colour Ideas to Try in 2024

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    Summer is the time for the reinvented look, to try out that strawberry blonde colour you have been thinking about all winter and to get the lifts you need to bring out your eyes. Say goodbye to summer 2023 trends of bronze and cinnamon spice. Here are the top trendiest hair colour ideas to try in 2024 to match your skin tone and leave you glowing with the perfect sun-kissed complexion.

    1. Buttery Blonde

    Buttery blonde leaves you with a soft and creamy blonde shade with warm undertones that bring out lightness and beautiful layered shades. It is perfect for those with paler skin to warm undertones for the perfect sun kissed look.

    2. Rose Gold

    With Barbie launching in mid-2023, it is no surprise that summer trending looks will be taken over by the rose gold hues. This blend of pink and gold tones gives you a shimmery, metallic hue that leaves you with a playful summery tone. For those who wish to maintain this look for longer, be sure to use colour-protecting hair care products to keep it looking fresh for longer.

    rose gold hair

    3. Caramel Highlights

    If you are feeling like you don't want to commit to a full blonde, having interwoven warm caramel tones gives you a subtle sun kissed look. You can further enhance this look by pairing it with a layered hairstyle for added dimension.

    4. Bronde

    If you want a refreshed look and have naturally darker hair, go for a bronde colour will give you the perfect pop of colour as its fusion of brown and blonde leaves you with added depth and dimension. To maintain this contrast, deep conditioning hair mask treatments can help your hair strands stay healthy and hydrated.

    5. Peachy Pastel

    Summer is all about warm sunsets and beachy days, going for a peachy pastel colour adds a subtle yet whimsical look to your appearance. You can further embrace this look by getting a bob to keep things fun and fresh.

    6. Golden Ombre

    For the effortless, beachy look, going for a golden ombre gives you the gradual transition from dark to golden blonde. This look is perfect for those with darker hair who want a light and sun kissed appearance. To keep this golden ombre look for longer, consider using a heat protection spray to protect your hair from UV damage.

    7. Strawberry Blonde

    Strawberry blonde and summer are like two peas in a pod. This blend of blonde and red tones creates a beautiful strawberry hue that we can’t get enough of! If you have a fairer complexion, this colour pairs beautifully with your cooler undertones.

    strawberry blonde

    8. Toffee Brown

    Toffee brown gives you a caramel glow with its warm, golden brown shades. To keep this colour for longer, we recommend using sulphate-free products that are gentle on your hair.

    9. Honey Brown

    If you are after a more subtle, natural look, honey brown will bring out your skin tone with its warm, golden hues.

    10. Blorange

    As the name suggests, blorange is a mix of blonde and orange tones that gives you a peachy-copper colour. You can do this as a balayage effect for a more subtle touch.

    11. Chocolate Cherry

    If you suit darker tones, chocolate cherry is the perfect colour choice for its deep cherry colour compliments the chocolate tones. This colour also works well for those with warmer undertones.

    12. Bambi Blonde

    Bambi blonde is a beautiful choice as it compliments both warmer and cooler undertones. It creates an effortless and soft look with layers of dimension as this colour choice incorporates multiple tones to achieve the natural-looking blonde shade.

    13. Milk Tea

    The milk tea colour gives you the perfect blend as it starts warmer at your roots and flows into an ashy colour on the ends. The subtle touches of brown to ash leave you with a creamy hair colour, perfect for summer.



    14. Light Copper

    Light copper is known for its warm and vibrant colour which falls between blonde and red as it has hints of golden blonde and fiery red tones. This leaves you with a beautiful pop of colour for your new summer look.

    15. Milk Chocolate Glaze

    The blend of brown to achieve this colour gives you a multidimensional effect, adding a deep richness to the hair. This colour is perfect for those looking to enhance their natural colour but want a touch of sophistication to their look.

    16. Sandy Blonde

    It wouldn't be summer without the inclusion of sandy blonde hair. This soft, muted blonde shade gives you the beachy look you have always dreamed of. To keep the yellow tones at bay and your hair refreshed, we recommend incorporating a blonde-friendly leave-in spray into your routine.

    17. Plum Brown

    Plum brown is an excellent choice for all skin tones as its burgundy hues compliment any complexion.

    18. Auburn

    Auburn offers you a rich and warm reddish-brown hue that adds a touch of vibrancy and depth to your look. If you have brown hair, using this colour in a balayage style leaves you with a foxy and alluring look.

    19. Icy Blonde

    This one is for the girls who are feeling a little more daring and want to make a statement with their sharp icy blonde look. To maintain this colour and keep your hair happy and healthy after bleaching, we recommend using a blonde hair mask once a week.

    20. Champagne Blonde

    Champagne blonde offers a sophisticated look with subtle touches of warmth throughout. It is the perfect colour if you want a refreshed look for your summer as it is easy to maintain and will blend well as your roots regrow.

    21. Gemini Hair

    This is a colour style you are sure to see a lot of in summer 2024. For everyone who struggles to decide which colour to go with, you get the best of both worlds with this combination. You can choose a dark and a light one or go for two bold colours for a statement look.

    22. Cowgirl Copper

    For a deeper option of copper, going with the cowgirl copper offers you just that. It offers a more muted and glossier finish with a subtle blend of light auburn tones.

    cowgirl copper

    23. Tuscan Leather

    Tuscan leather offers a vintage look with slight rosy and orange undertones with soft coppery tones throughout. This hair colour is perfect for those with darker undertones and is a sure colour to make you stand out.

    24. Blush Blonde

    Blush blonde offers a delicate blend of blonde with subtle hints of peach throughout. This colour gives you the perfect summer glow to go with any skin tone. To keep this blush tone for longer, consider using colour-enhancing shampoos and conditioners to maintain your look.

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