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Pump Argan Oil Treatment

$39.00 AUD

PUMP Argan Oil delivers immediate shine and manageability giving long term conditioning without leaving residue.

How to Use

Apply a small amount to hand and massage throughout mid-lengths and ends of towel–dried hair. Style as usual. A few drops may be applied to finished style for added shine and protection. To prevent an oily scalp, avoid applying directly to roots of hair

60ml, 2.03 fl oz

Tash's Tips

Use a half pump, smoothed all over towel dried hair before blow-drying to get a softer, shiner blowout while protecting your hair from the heat.


Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil*. *Organic Ingredients

Shipping Info

All orders are shipped on the same day you place the order, if ordered before 3pm AEST.

Pump Argan Oil Treatment

Watch and Learn

Achieving shiny hair has never been so easy! Apply just a few drops to your hands and rub through your hair!

Pump Argan Oil Treatment for Frizzy Hair

Introducing Pumps argan hair oil for frizzy hair. Argan oil is highly renowned in the beauty industry for its ability to deeply penetrate the hair shaft, locking in moisture, while adding a beautiful, natural shine. Sourced from the kernels of the Argania Spinosa tree, native to Southwestern Morocco, holds deep cultural significance in indigenous Berber tribes. Our oil for frizzy hair is entirely natural and organic, devoid of any harmful additives, ensuring that you receive the best product possible. 

Why will you love Pump’s argan oil for hair? 

Argan hair oil for frizzy hair is the perfect solution to tame frizz and flyaways. It achieves this by moisturising, smoothing, protecting and adding a luxurious shine to your hair. No matter your hair type, it offers a lightweight, natural remedy for anyone seeking to give their hair the extra support it craves. Here is a breakdown of all the juicy benefits argan oil brings to your frizzy hair: 

Intense Moisture 

Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids, omega-6 and omega-9 which deeply penetrate and bond with your hair cuticles. This deep hydration rejuvenates the cuticles, shielding your hair from further dryness that can lead to frizz and breakage. 

Anti-Frizz Sealant 

There's nothing more annoying than taking the time to style your hair and being left with flyaways sticking out. Argan oil acts as a natural sealant, thanks to its natural lipids, forming a protective barrier around the hair shaft. This barrier also protects your dry hair against humidity that often triggers frizz throughout the day. 

Heat Protection 

Argan hair oil for frizzy hair is a treasure trove of antioxidants and vitamin E, providing heat protection against environmental stressors or heat styling tools. You can apply it before styling or blow-drying your hair as an additional heat shield and styling aid. 

Lightweight and non-greasy 

Despite its deeply nourishing properties, this hair oil for frizzy hair is impressively lightweight and non-greasy. It is the perfect choice for all hair types, especially those who are looking to combat dryness without weighing their hair down with heavy products. 

Adds Shine

Frizzy hair can often look dry and damaged due to its irregular surface leaving your hair looking dull and untamed. Argan oil smooths over the hair cuticle and locks in moisture, leaving you with a reflective surface that enhances shine and gives your hair a healthier, sleek look. 

How long should you expect to see the results? 

Everyone's hair is different and will react differently to the product. We recommend trying our argan hair oil and adjusting the usage as needed. As it’s a deep nourishing oil, you’ll notice a natural shine after the first treatment. If you can’t get enough of this hydrating oil, use the site search function to filter all of Pump’s products containing argan oil. For a full breakdown of argan oil’s benefits and how to use it, check out our “Argan oil for hair “ blog. 

Made in Australia. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Made in Australia. Vegan. Cruelty Free.
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Pump Argan Oil Treatment

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