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Pump Mulberry Silk Pillow Case Soft Pink

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Recommended by leading dermatologists across the globe, sleeping on silk has a long list of benefits for your hair, skin and sleep patterns. Made from 100% Mulberry Silk, you will wake with smooth and soft hair, glowing skin and a glowing complexion that only comes from a good night’s sleep.

Never struggle with the ‘bed head’ hair again. Silk’s natural anti-absorbent qualities reduce moisture loss from your hair and skin, allowing your body to maintain hydration overnight.

Our Mulberry silk pillowcase will make sure that you wake up looking and feeling gorgeous.

Use a silk safe detergent designed for silk. Use cold water, gentle cycle if you would like to machine wash.

Ideally, your silks should be washed alongside other silks and delicate fabrics, as heavier, more durable fabrics can damage more delicate ones in the wash.

Air drying is ideal, but you may also opt to tumble dry them using a no-heat setting.

810 x 545mm