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How to grow your hair longer - Pump Haircare
How to grow your hair longer - Pump Haircare

How to grow your hair longer

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    Ok, so you want to grow your hair but you feel like it never gets past a certain length. Does this sound like you? 

    Let me help! I have been hairdressing since I was 14 years old and the one thing that has never changed is that girls want longer hair! Remember when everyone tried to look like Posh Spice? Well, if I had a dollar for all the ladies that came in asking for that cropped concave haircut back then, I would have some healthy savings in the bank. If I got two dollars for all the ladies that then told me how much they regretted chopping their locks and clearly Victoria suited the style more than them, then I would be a rich woman! 

    So the age old question is, how do I grow my hair faster? Sorry, I’m not offering a miracle but if you follow these 5 tips you have a much better chance of becoming rapunzel! 

    women with long hair

    Tip 1. Massage your scalp or get your partner to!

    Massaging your scalp is not only relaxing but it also circulates blood flow to the scalp. It reduces stress and tension. Using your fingertips, apply medium to firm pressure on your scalp and massage in circular motions concentrating on the hairline. My favourite way to massage my scalp is to apply some Pump Liquid Gold oil on my finger tips before massaging. 
    a women massaging her hair

    Tip 2. Avoid Salt!

    If you’re a beach lover and frequently take a dip in the ocean don’t freak out just yet, just make sure you wash your hair straight away. When I go to the beach I always take the Pump Hair Growth Shampoo and Pump Hair Growth Conditioner to wash my hair as soon as I get out of the water. Salt is hygroscopic which means it attracts water to your hair forming salt crystals and this process strips away the moisture from the inside of your hair strand making it dry and brittle. This process also reduces the links between cysteine bonds in your hair making the strands fragile and extremely prone to breakage. Not only should you avoid hair products with salt but also eating too much salt in your diet can affect hair growth. 
    A girl in the beach

    Tip 3. Don’t use a brush on wet hair!

    Your hair is at its weakest point when it’s wet. This is because the strands contain hydrogen bonds vs protein bonds when the hair is dry. Brushing with a normal hair brush can cause extreme breakage, especially if the hair is knotty. Instead you should only use a wide tooth comb or fork comb to gently remove tangles. I like to use the Pump Pink Comb after spraying in the Pump Moisture Hydrate spray which is like an untangling dream spray. 
    a girl brushing her wet hair

    Tip 4. Up your protein intake!

    Did you know our hair follicles are made up mostly of protein? This is why it is vital to eat adequate amounts of protein in your diet. Not having enough protein can lead to hair loss. Biotin is essential for the production of protein. Not ready to change your diet and drop the carbs just yet? Don’t worry I have you covered with Pump Mermaid Lengths Spray. It is packed with biotin and protein to strengthen your ends so they don't split. Aren't you lucky that I think of everything?
    Food high in protein

    Tip 5. I saved the best till last.

    Want to know the real secret to how to grow your hair? CUT IT! Yes, you heard me right! Guess what? If you don’t trim those split ends they are just going to climb all the way up your hair strand and although you see regrowth on your scalp, you're never going to see length on the ends. Now, here's where this goes wrong. You ask your hairdresser for a trim, the hairdresser is scissor happy and takes off an entire inch, your regrowth wasn’t an inch. You now have hair shorter than what has grown and you don’t get a haircut for 6 months, hair splits and here we are today. How to solve this problem - Talk to your hairdresser. Explain you are trying to grow your hair and would only like the very ends trimmed. Ask that she/ he cuts only a tiny amount and less than the amount of regrowth. Use words like ‘microscopic hair trim’ or just a ‘teeny tiny haircut’ they will get the hint! I always recommend doing this before starting any new hair care products or routines. 
    a girl having her hair cut by the hairdresser
    I hope these tips help you on your hair growth journey! 
    Tash xox   

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