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Pump Haircare Argan Oil
Pump Haircare Argan Oil

Is Argan Oil Good for Hair & How to Use It

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    In case you haven’t heard of this miracle oil and all the juicy benefits it offers for your hair, we’re here to give you the lowdown on how argan oil may be the perfect thing for your hair. 

    What is Argan Oil?

    While argan oil may have entered the international cosmetics scene relatively recently, it has been a cherished secret of Morocco's indigenous Berber people for centuries, renowned for its remarkable effects on skin and hair. This precious oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, scientifically known as Argania Spinosa, a tree species that has thrived in the arid regions of southwestern Morocco for centuries. Argan oil has earned its nickname as the "liquid gold" of oils due to its natural composition, rich in nourishing fatty acids and vitamins that provide deep hydration and rejuvenation for your hair.

    Argan oils composition:  

    Argan oil is made up of fatty acids, vitamins, phenols, squalene and Phytosterols which all work together to provide the perfect treatment for your hair.  

    Fatty acids

    Argan oil contains oleic acid and linoleic acid which are essential to moisturising the scalp, defrizzing and nourishing dry or damaged hair. 


    Vitamin E and vitamin A are the primary vitamins in argan oil whose antioxidant effects work to repair, protect and regulate sebum production through their moisturising properties reducing oxidative stress. 


    These compounds have antioxidant properties and can protect your hair’s proteins from environmental UV damage and free radicals.  


    Squalene is a natural moisturiser that can help improve the overall texture and appearance of hair.


    These compounds can help with hair repair and regeneration, making hair stronger and more resilient.

    Argan Oil Benefits for Hair

    So, how is argan oil good for hair? Besides smelling amazing, it has got a whole range of benefits to treat dry and damaged hair. Or if you just want to add that extra shine. 


    argan oil treatment


    1. Moisturising & conditioning

    One of the most beneficial effects of argan oil is how hydrating and conditioning it is for our hair. If you are experiencing dry or frizzy hair, argan oil is the perfect solution to making your hair feel softer and tamed as it also prevents excess moisture loss.

    2. Improving scalp health 

    Improving hair texture and promoting hair growth all starts with a scalp treatment. Argan oil works to soothe a dry and flakey scalp by Vitamin E locking in moisture and Vitamin A encouraging cellular turnover, encouraging hair growth. 

    3. Preventing styling & colouring damage 

    We all love getting our hair done and styling it with heat tools but it is not at a cost. Agran oil is the perfect solution to apply pre-heat styling as it acts as a heat protection barrier. It also works to rehydrate your dry and damaged hair after a chemical treatment so it is a good solution for post-colouring treatment. However, it is wise to always do a patch test and see if it reacts with the colouring before applying it all over your hair. 

    4. Protection & strengthening 

    Argan oils antioxidants help protect the hair follicles from environmental stressors such as UV or pollution. It also strengthens damaged hair and promotes hair growth by locking in moisture and creating a barrier around the hair shaft. 

    How to Use Argan Oil for Hair

    There are a number of ways argan oil can be used as a treatment depending on your hair needs and goals. 

    Leave-in conditioner

    Use a few drops of argan oil to towel dry hair, starting on the ends and working your way up. 

    Hair mask

    For a deeper treatment, try an argan oil hair mask by applying a generous amount to your hair and scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes or wrap it in a bamboo towel to leave overnight.

    Styling aid

    Use a couple of drops of argan oil as a styling aid and heat protection prior to using heat styling tools on towel-dried hair

    Scalp massage 

    Start by warming up a few drops in the palm of your hand and gently massaging it into your scalp in a circular motion to stimulate blood circulation. From there you can comb down the rest of your hair, just make sure to wash it out if it feels oily to prevent buildup. 

    Hair Side Effects of Argan Oil

    As with every health treatment, people respond to argan oil in different ways. If you struggle with scalp issues and thin or oily hair, overloading your hair with argan oil could have potential side effects. For example, it could lead to a buildup on the scalp and hair follicles, weighing it down and causing an itchy scalp. Another consideration is applying argan oil to chemically coloured hair, as there have been reports of argan oil altering the colour of recently dyed hair. The best solution to seeing how your body and hair react to argan oil is to do a patch test on your skin or section of hair and see the results. Also make sure to choose a high-quality, pure argan oil for the best results. 

    Common FAQs about Argan Oil for Hair

    Is it okay to put argan oil on hair every day? 

    Everyone is different but using too much of a good thing can cause your hair follicles to retain too much oil and may leave your hair looking greasy and weighed down. It's best to give your hair rests in between as you slowly build up a tolerance. Start by applying it two to three times a week and adjust your practice accordingly to how your hair type responds.


    Pump argan oil products


    Is it better to put argan oil on wet or dry hair? 

    Either! Both practices have different benefits and results. For wet hair, it allows for even distribution and reduces the risk of causing heat-induced damage. For dry hair, it can be used as a spot treatment and a frizz-control styling aid to add that extra shine. 

    Can I mix jojoba oil with argan oil for hair? 

    Yes! In fact, we have got just the thing for you, our Gold Growth Oil is packed with jojoba oil, argan oil and castor oil to give your hair that extra boost and shine. If you have curly hair, go for the Miracle Curl Oil to give your hair that extra curly support it needs. 

    Is argan oil good for hair extensions? 

    Yes! It works on natural or synthetic hair extensions, however, make sure to keep it to a minimum. Focus on applying it mid-length to the end of the extensions, avoiding the roots or attachment points as they can weaken the bonds. Also, make sure to use a lightweight (preferably 100% pure organic argan oil) to ensure it doesn't weigh down your extensions. 

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