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Spring hairstyle tips
Spring hairstyle tips

Seven Trending Spring 2023 Hairstyles that You Should Try

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    Spring has officially arrived and along with your spring clean, it is time for a new hairstyle! We love all the latest 2023 spring hairstyles and haircut trends that have been coming out this year and we want to discuss how to choose the best one for your hair texture and face shape as each is going to convey a different look and vibe. Here are the top cute and easy spring hairstyles for 2023.

    1. Long Layers

    spring wavy hairstyle

    Bring back the long! Long layers are a great way to add texture and volume to your hair. This is a particularly great style for those struggling with thinning hair or want to convey an effortless look. This hairstyle can add softness and dimension to various face shapes such as oval, round, square and heart-shaped faces. If you are struggling with hair growth, check out our blog on how to grow hair faster

    2. Short Layers

    Short is a fun and low-maintenance solution going into summer, especially if you are a regular at the beach and don’t want a high-maintenance hairstyle. Short layers are typically cut closer to the top of the head, creating a more structured appearance. They can frame the face and add dimension to the shape of your hair. This spring hairstyle often creates a structured and tailored look, perfect for the spring girl boss. It is often a flattering choice for oval, heart-shaped and square faces as it creates structure and definition. 

    3. Shaggy Layers 

     This spring hairstyle is characterised by layers of varying lengths, typically with lots of texture creating a dishevelled appearance. It is perfect for the rock-and-roll, edgy girl that wants to add a bit of volume, and movement to their hair. Curtain bangs are also a marker of this hairstyle that layers seamlessly into the rest of your hair, enhancing the shaggy look. Upkeep is best achieved by using a thickening spray or thickening powder to keep your volume throughout the day. If you have curly hair, a spring back curl spray is just the thing for you to get your curls looking their freshest. 

    4. Wolf Cut

    Wolf cuts have been all the rage for a while but they are sticking on trend for the layered and shorter shaggy look they offer. It works by layering shorter layers towards the crown and longer towards the ends finishing up around shoulder length. It uses short layering to frame the face and give that extra edgy look which we are all here for. The main difference between a wolf cut and a shag is that a wolf cut's layers are more jagged and have choppier sections. Whereas a shag is layered throughout, creating a smoother and more blended cut than a wolf cut. This is perfect for the girl who wants to stand out and add that edgier cut to their look. Using a textured hold spray will add extra hold to your hair and give it that extra crunch. 


    texture hold spray for curly hair


    5. Wispy Korean Air Bangs

    Korean air bangs are characterised by soft, wispy and slightly curved bangs that frame the face delicately. They differ from curtain bangs or straight-across bangs in that they are softer and give a more feathery texture. This spring hairstyle is perfect for those with oval and heart-shaped faces as they delicately frame the face, enhancing the natural contours. 


    6. Bob/Lob

    A bob offers a shorter hairstyle with a straight cut around the head, often at chin length. Similarly, a lob (aka longer bob) usually ends around the shoulders but has the same straight-cut shape. This is perfect for a sophisticated look but might need frequent upkeep especially if your hair is wavy as it can start to flick out of shape the longer it grows. This spring hairstyle is a great choice for all face shapes as the length and styling variations of bobs can be customised to frame the face to match it. Using an anti-frizz spray can also help tame any flyaways and keep your bob looking sleek. 

    7. Pattern Edge Control

    Pattern edge control involves styling the edges of your hair. Often sleeking it back and styling the hairline and baby hair’s to create a polished and sleek look. This style is all about detail and precision and is a super fun way to express yourself. Although it may take extra time, it conveys a sense of refinement and elegance. This spring hairstyle is more about detailing and the finishing touches rather than a specific haircut, making it an adaptable option for any face shape. One way of achieving this look is by adding an oil of your choice (we recommend argan oil or coconut oil) to achieve that sleek look. Plus it acts as an amazing scalp treatment to leave your hair shiny and deeply nourished.

    To find out more about how argan oil or coconut benefits your hair, check out our blogs: “Is argan oil good for hair?” and “Is coconut oil good for hair?”

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