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10 Reasons Why Curly Hair Needs More Love & Special Products - Pump Haircare
10 Reasons Why Curly Hair Needs More Love & Special Products - Pump Haircare

10 Reasons Why Curly Hair Needs More Love & Special Products

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    This one is for all the curly-haired girls out there because only a curly girl can understand how much work is needed to keep those curls presentable. Also, that different curls only make things more difficult. Let’s talk about a bit of science, shall we? The state of the follicle determines whether the hair is wavy or straight. In straight hair, every cell in the follicle acts in an organised design, prompting even hair development from the straight follicle. These hairs are round. In wavy hair, how the cells separate and produce specific proteins is deviated and connects with the twists in the bent follicle. This results in a hair fibre that has a curved shape, which permits it to twist. Curly hair differs from straight hair in distinct ways, which handles the reasons it needs a particular product. Notwithstanding the hair follicle form, researchers accept that distinction in cell conduct during hair fibre products adds to hair shape. Here are some reasons below.

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    1. Fragility

    Typical wavy hair will be more fragile than straight hair. Because of the uneven state of the hair fibre, the hair shaft can have "high spots" where the cuticle is lifted contrasted with the rest of the hair fibre. When the cuticle is lifted, the inner structure gets uncovered, leaving the hair vulnerable to harm and drying out. My day 2 curl refresher is the perfect solution to smoothing down the cuticle. 


    A girl with blonde wavy medium length hair

    2. Humidity; the requirement for dampness

    Curly hair is prone to dampness and humidity since it's usually more permeable than straight hair. Dry hair exposed to an exceptionally damp climate will slowly grow with water atoms. As this happens, the hair may lose its shape, getting fuller and bunched up. Because of its shape and twist design, the hair can get entangled, prompting breakage while detangling. Likewise, curvy hair swollen by abundance water can lose its twist design, making indistinguishable twists and unwanted frizz. Twists exposed to dry air without protection can lose their dampness, making hair inclined to breakage and split ends.  The outcome is a crooked and uneven surface, which might be challenging to control, because of its flyaway nature. Wavy hair needs Moisture or products that can curb this. Twists' curls make it harder for hair's characteristic oils to cover and saturate each strand because wavy hair naturally is drier than straight hair partners. The state of the follicle influences how wavy hair gets dampness as lipids or the characteristic oils are discharged from the scalp. While deciding the measure of moisture, think about the distance across and curl formation.

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    3. Sparkle

    Because of its twists, curvy and wavy hair reflects light uniquely in contrast to straight hair. Typically, wavy hair can rarely achieve the same amount of shine a straight hair; this is because light can be absorbed inside the spirals of the curls or along the ruffled cuticles. To achieve the same sparkle as straight hair, products like my Miracle Curl Oil are indeed needed.

    A girl with black twisted hair

    4. Curl Definition

    Curl definition describes the general appearance of hair and how the twist holds its shape. When upgrading twist definition, it's critical to think about the state of the twists, just as the correct cutting and styling procedures. The size and shape of twists can change from one head to another. There might be a blend of various twist designs inside a similar head of hair. Even though there will be a dominating twist design, individuals with characteristic twists have a normal of 2-4 distinct twists. It's conceivable to have twists that are tighter at the scalp zone and step by step become looser or even directed toward the finishes. It's likewise possible to have straighter hair that turns out to be continuously wavy or wavy toward the finishes. Since a curl type is unique to its owner, does that mean that if the owner wants another curl type different from the unique she owns, she won’t get it? Of course not; some products are readily available to fix this. Check out my Soft Curl Gel to define your curls without the crunch. 

    A girl with black curly hair

    5. Enhance Design

    Wavy hair strands occupy more room than straighter hair and offer each other help, expanding the volume and changing the design of the shape. As the level of waviness increments, so does the delicacy. When the level of curliness increases, so does the volume or 3D space the twist takes up. This can altogether adjust the construction of the general shape or plan.

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    6. Handling irritation

    Keeping up snaked and wavy hairdos can cause scalp bothering and dryness. The one-of-a-kind requests of the damaged and curly finished hair lead many individuals to pick hairstyles worn for quite a long time between washes. However, it's hard to give the scalp the moisture it needs between washes, leaving it dry, bothersome, and aggravated. With no silicones and drying alcohol like my Pump Curly Girl shampoo and Pump Curly Girl Conditioner, the right products will help with this. 

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    7. Managing dryness

    The curling design forestalls regular oils created by the scalp from spreading to every part of the length of the hair, so the entire hair strand rarely gets saturated, which is why it feels dry. Shampooing repeatedly can strip dampness, so when you do a shampooing session, use moisturising items from Pump Haircare. shampoos and moisturisers will revive the hair and scalp to leave your hair saturated and reasonable.

    An Asian girl with black curly hair

    8. To appear as their exact length with bangs

    If you have wavy hair and you want to rock bangs, you're a daring soul. Wavy hair is persevering and will transform into curls regardless of the length or thickness of your mane. That's right; those blasts are most likely going to twist, regardless. Use a product to fix your mane, and you will be glad you did.

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    9. Until the extra product is added, straightening might mean nothing.

    If you have a wavy mane, you're probably going to put aside an hour or two just to fix straighten your hair. However, even after fixing it, there's no uncertainty that it won’t get wavy again, notwithstanding. Regardless of how breathtaking your locks look when smooth, your strands will twist when next presented to a drop of moisture or water. It's simply the behaviour most people with curly hair have to deal with; hair products can fix this.


    Pump Curly Girl Hair Mask and Repair Cream

    10. To reduce fights with your hairbrush.

    Having wavy hair — however, not wanting dreadlocks — implies you're going to need to get some sort of detangling utensil through there now and then, and it will damage your hair, while you might end up crying during the combing session. It becomes worse during the harmattan or other harmattan-like season where your hair is just naturally painful to comb; you wouldn’t even want to dare to leave your hair undone or just pack it, as this will even make it more painful. Always use a wide tooth comb like our Pump Pink Comb. The fork like points leave enough space to not pull or frizz up your curls. Products that can put an end to this area yet another reason: curly hair needs an additional product.

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