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Know Your Curls - What should I be using? - Pump Haircare
Know Your Curls - What should I be using? - Pump Haircare

Know Your Curls - What should I be using?

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    Hey, There Curly Girls!

    So you’ve decided to embrace your curls? Welcome to the Curly Girl community!

    This community is beautiful, broad, and expansive! It embraces a wide range of curls, textures, and waves, which is half the fun and all the challenge. I know that finding the place to start when figuring out which products and methods work for your curls can be overwhelming! 

    Stop stressing, I’ve done the work for you!

    So let’s talk hair type.

    Determining Your Curly Hair Types

    For many of us, the first step we take is determining what our “hair type” is. We turn to charts that display curl patterns and coil sizes. Are you 2b? 3c? 4a? Maybe you’re all of the above!

    Different curl patterns

    And while curl pattern can help determine cut and shape, when it comes to product selection and application method, there are more important things to consider.

    One word:


    Determining hair care methods by hair porosity is the KEY to soft, strong, silky curls, and is far more accurate than curl pattern! Your porosity measures how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture, and can range from low to high.

    Determine your hair porosity by this 5-minute test!

  • Grab a strand of shedding hair from your comb
  • Put it in a glass of water and leave for 2 minutes

  • If your hair floats on the top of the water, you have low porosity hair that does not absorb moisture. If it sinks slowly or sits mid-glass, you have medium porosity hair. And if it sinks to the bottom, you have high porosity hair that quickly absorbs moisture.

    Once you have determined your hair porosity, the rest is simple! Our products contain organic ingredients that are great for all hair types, but here is the application and method that will maximise those ingredients for you.

    Low Porosity Curls

    A girl with low porosity curly hair
    What is low porosity curls? 

    To our low porosity girls, we got you. Your hair has a hard time absorbing moisture, but retains it like a pro! If you under moisturise your hair will be brittle, and if you over-moisturise, hello build up!

    Here is what we recommend for you!

    1. Use our Curly Girl Shampoo and Conditioner to break down access build up from the week, without the harsh chemicals stripping it of much-needed moisture.
    2. Deep condition once a week using our Curl and Grow Mask. To help your hair absorb the moisture, try either indirect heat (hair steaming or hooded dryer) or the greenhouse method by leaving this product in your hair overnight in a plastic sleep cap.
    3. Style with our Soft Curl Gel made specifically for you! Aloe Vera is a low porosity girl’s best friend! This product provides moisture and definition, without weighing down your curls. It will change your life!
    4. Provide extra moisture with our Miracle Curl Oil, made from a light oil blend that absorbs and nourishes your curls, without sitting on top and weighing them down.
    5. Refresh your day 2 curls with our Spring Back Curl Refresher. Avoiding heavy creams and butter that will lead to build up, Pump Spring Back can give you the protein your hair needs for strengthening, while remaining water/aloe based keeping your curls strong, soft and light. 

    Medium Porosity Curls

    A girl with black medium porosity hair curls
    What is medium porosity curls? 

    You’re in luck. Medium Porosity hair has no problems in the moisture department, so any of our products work for you! Your main concerns should simply be maintenance! Keep up your medium porosity by conditioning, moisturising, and following the Curly Girl Method. Avoid excessive heat styling, and uncertified curly girl friendly products to keep your hair strands as they are!

    High Porosity Curls

    What is high porosity curls? 

    So your hair absorbs moisture like crazy, but loses it halfway through the day? High porosity hair struggles with moisture retention, because the strands are open, and need to be sealed. We’ve got you!

    Here are our recommendations for you!

    1. Our Curl and Grow Mask works so well as a co-wash (conditioning wash) for our high porosity girls! Your hair may struggle to retain moisture, so we recommend this product for your weekly cleanser, and our Curly Girl Shampoo as a monthly deep cleanse.
    2. Our Curly Girl Conditioner is a very important product for your hair regimen. Even when using a co-wash, you should still condition your hair, in every step of your hair routine!
    3. Leave-in products are a high porosity girl’s BFF. Try our 2n1 Curl Cream, for moisture and definition. This product will hydrate, and protect your curls at the same time!
    4. Our Spring Back Curl Refresher contains proteins important for your porous hair strands! Use this product daily for strengthening, and refreshing.
    5. Lock your moisture in with our Moisture Curl Oil! I made a lighter oil blend to avoid extra weight, but they are rich in the moisture that your hair needs and the oil will seal that moisture right in the hair strands.

    If you're still not sure, email support@pumphaircare with your curl type and I can help you pick the right products for your hair! 

    Love Tash xox 

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